SeaChange Fuels are patented biofuel blends that can reduce carbon emissions by up to 60% from comparable quantities of traditional diesel while also helping biodiesel go 3x further*. They power existing diesel engines by reliably combining the benefits of ULSD and biodiesel with otherwise discarded glycerol for a safe, reliable, and cleaner burning future.

For Fuel Consumers

Switching to Bio-EHF™ in your fleet helps meet emission targets in the near term without the need for expensive capital investments. Our patented technology offers solutions to the challenges of using conventional BioDiesel by making it cheaper and more readily available while still applicable to a wide variety of existing diesel applications.

For Engine Operators

We have extensive testing with scientists and engineers with the Maine Maritime Academy under grants from the USDOT and NSF to verify our products are safe and effective in a wide variety of existing diesel plants. Our field testing shows a <10% reduction in energy density offset by anticipated improvements to engine life.

For Fuel Blenders

By blending Bio-EHF™, fuel producers can triple their output of BioDiesel products by incorporating current waste products back into usable fuel. This maximizes plant efficiency and also reduces supply-chain challenges in procurement with more plentiful and geographically available raw ingredients.

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Fueling Change by Changing Fuel™